Case Study

MacLean Vehicles Systems - Japan Market Entry Case Study

MacLean Vehicle Systems (MVS) - a world leading manufacturer of high performance fastener and component systems that produces forgings, precision machined parts, suspension and transmission components, connectors and insulators - decided they needed to establish a corporate presence in Japan. It was June 2004, and the company was concerned about meeting the expectations of its Japanese customers.

“It was increasingly important to show key customers that we were committed to Japan, and establishing a presence on the ground as we are planning to be in the market long term,” notes Vice President Margaret MacLean. “But I was running all over Asia, and had limited resources in place in Japan. I had spent months going back and forth with various lawyers in Tokyo, and rarely received clear answers to my questions, let alone any definitive action on the actual process of incorporation. J-Seed told me exactly what to expect at our first meeting and provided me with a clear budget. The J-Seed team completed our incorporation ahead of schedule and within the budget they had promised upfront. I am based in the United States, and it is important for me to have consistent and trustworthy service providers in Japan. The J-Seed team provided me with reliable advice and has proven to be a valuable and trustworthy business partner for MVS.”


  • Rapidly set up business in Japan via phone, e-mail, and limited business travel
  • Identify key professional service providers
  • Address immediate staffing needs
  • Establish representatives on the ground at a reasonable cost
  • Communicate with the client in English

J-Seed's Solutions

  • Handled incorporation of the company in Japan
  • Translated all of the key corporate documents into English
  • Introduced accounting service providers
  • Established all Japanese banking relationships
  • Represented MVS until key staff was hired


  • In less than 30 days MacLean became a legal Japanese entity
  • The total cost of entering Japan was much less than anticipated for MacLean after they discovered J-Seed’s service