Market Entry

Entering the Japanese market presents a wide variety of business opportunities, but also several risks which must be circumnavigated. To ensure qualified support from the start, the president of J-Seed Ventures Mr. Jeffrey Char, personally deals with all market entry clients. He has years of experience as a a corporate attorney working on cross-border transactions.

There are many market entry strategies that a company can adopt when setting up in Japan. Each strategy has differing levels of cost, benefit, risk, in addition to important legal and tax ramifications. In the last decade, J-Seed has helped several companies with a variety of business models start up in Japan. Some companies seeking to license technology in Japan simply need an unmanned legal entity in order to meet customer requirements for a local entity with which to transact. Others require a virtual office arranged through an office service that has the ability to take calls and relay messages. Some clients use a shared office facility, but have an employee in Japan (either a foreign national from headquarters or a local hire) to support and monitor local distributors, negotiate joint development agreements or gather customer and competitor information. Still other clients open their own office to provide direct support to distributors or even sell to end customers directly.

J-Seed can help you deal with all the administrative and legal aspects of setting up a business in Japan and the prices we quote include all outside fees. Before you decide which strategy is optimal for your company, carefully consider the questions below.

1. Does my company really need its own office in Japan?
What are the benefits and costs for my business?

2. Which legal structure is optimal for my business requirements?

3. What are the exact costs and obligations associated with setting up a business in Japan?

4. What can I do to maximize the success of my office in Japan?

In case you require assistance in dealing with the above mentioned points, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is also helpful to take a look at the ‘Your Presence in Japan – Benefits and Associated Costs’ and the ‘Branch or Subsidiary’ sections where the above mentioned points are further elaborated. Reviewing background information and various case studies will provide you with a better picture of the Japanese market.